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Clip ‘n Climb offers a  very wide range of Challenges ! From climbing the Ladder to our premium Challenges – the Leap Of Faith, Stairway to Heaven and Astroball – Clip ‘n Climb Challenges offer unique and extraordinary experiences! The different shapes, vibrant colours and variety of textures make the Challenges appealing to anyone from 4 years upwards, regardless of climbing level. It is  IMPOSSIBLE TO GET BORED!

Discover all our Challenges below and contact our team to learn more!

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Time Traveller

The Time Traveller features a countdown clock and optical sensors to create a truly interactive Challenge. With eye-catching graphics inspired by the London Underground map, climbers select the speed of the countdown clock and have to get to the finish before their time runs out.


A brightly-coloured wall made up of pixels arranged in a stunning pattern that is a real head turner.
Figure out how best to grip the round holds and choose your colour to climb your route to the top.


All of the iconic Astroball’s fun in a version that requires less ground space!
Make your way through the 3D spheres and grab the little holds and the big handles to get to the top!


A panel of fruit-like orange and lime green round holds with two twists: you have to climb up the corner, AND it lights up!
Enjoy the different light sequences that follow you to the top and brighten your day.

Cool Bananas

Inspired by the transitions on an adventure ropes course, but with the added challenge of climbing. Climbers must negotiate the nine banana shaped transitions whilst climbing to the top with the aid of the hanging ropes.

Circuit Breaker

Get to the top in electronics! This circuit board creates a wonderful abstract pattern, lighting up your day! From the gently pulsing connection lines to the flickering hi-voltage handholds, choose the round flashing holds or the solid square holds to reach the top, while coping with the bright lights…


One of the most sensational challenges, designed to accommodate 3 climbers.
Meet your friends and other climbers on your way to the top and get photographed on this visually appealing and epic Challenge


Ascendor is a dual Challenge with two difficulty levels – on one side the steps are closer to each other and the other further away.

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