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Jungle Chase

Jungle Chase is a new, innovative concept on interactive movement based on “the monkey cage”. To conquer the Challenge you will need flexibility, coordination, speed, endurance and strength! Sold by our distributor Janssen-Fritsen, it is the perfect addition to a Clip ‘n Climb centre.

To offer a true rainforest experience, the Jungle Chase is equipped with the latest technology in terms of image and sound, including 3D projection. These are controlled by the show control and the media server. To have an enhanced experience, CO2 shooters and a timing system are also available as an additional “option”.

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The SmartWall is a new innovative and interactive game based on the ‘Moving Learning’ concept. Animations are projected on a wall, whereby contact with the wall is converted into scores or a change of task.

SmartWall is very suitable for primary and secondary school education. Learning tools, such as language and arithmetic, are provided within an interactive learning environment. The games consist of several levels where the speed and difficulty can be adjusted.

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