280 centros Clip ‘n Climb en todo el mundo

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New year, new fit

The start of a new year signals new beginnings when it comes to fitness trends and campaigns. We’re all keen to embrace fresh starts and […]

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Clip ‘n Climb kicks off the year 2020 at IAAPI Expo


  Next month, the Clip ‘n Climb team will head to Mumbai for the 20th edition of the IAAPI Expo from the 26th to the […]

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2019 Round Up – What we’ve shown we can do !


It’s been an exciting 12 months for Clip ‘n Climb, filled with international events, highly-anticipated launches and the opening of 50 new centres, which has […]

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Gamification – and why it’s so important


The application of video game playing activity to sport and leisure is on the increase, with many activity centres incorporating gaming elements into their activities […]

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Clip ‘n Climb UK is launching a brand new franchise model


Clip ‘n Climb has continued to revolutionise the ‘fun climbing’ industry during the last two decades and has grown rapidly in the UK, with over […]

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Welcome to our new website !


The Clip ‘n Climb team is happy to welcome you on our new website! We have reorganized the content so that you will find the […]

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Un día en la vida de un propietario de un centro Clip ‘n Climb


Con más de 200 centros en todo el mundo y planes de expansión en nuevos países y ciudades, es justo decir que la popularidad de […]

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5 buenos consejos para futuros propietarios de centros exclusivos Clip ‘n Climb

5 ideas útiles para abrir un centro Clip ‘n Climb La mayoría de personas que se convierten en propietarias de un centro Clip ‘n Climb lo hacen por entusiasmo, […]

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Entrevista con un distribuidor de Clip ‘n Climb: Highgate

Conquistando nuevos territorios con una red de distribuidores locales Para cubrir el mercado mundial, Clip ‘n Climb trabaja con distribuidores locales. En Australia, Clip ‘n […]

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