Five reasons why… Clip ‘n Climb leads for sportainment

With climbing set to feature as an activity in the next Olympics, there are many reasons why operators in the leisure industry, who have multi-activity sites, may want to consider Clip ‘n Climb as a fun and entertaining add-on to their existing offering.

We’ve identified five of the main reasons below:

1. Everybody can

Clip'n Climb ABEO Entre-Prises Sportainment Leisure Fun Climbing

Clip ‘n Climb has a wide appeal, reaching out to all age groups, from four years old and on, crossing generations and providing fun for everyone.

This level of inclusivity makes Clip ‘n Climb the ideal choice of activity for families, mixed groups of friends, parties and corporate away days. It’s an expanding market, with room for further growth,  as more and more people discover and share the brand.

The greater the offering, the greater the business opportunity and Clip ‘n Climb can certainly maximise your chances to make the most of your facilities and to achieve the most profit.



2. Mixing it up

When you add Clip ‘n Climb to the mix, you’re providing your customers with an exciting and varied choice – more facilities means more users, actively engaged at the same time.

By adding Clip ‘n Climb challenges to your centre, you have the potential to invite a consistently higher number of visitors. The unique selection of challenges caters to the widest audience, regardless of ability, ensuring that there is something there for everyone.

Not only is this creative mix of options guaranteed to engage all of your customers, it will also enable you to create package deals which should help to sell your current offering.

3. Stay longer, spend more

As well as encouraging visitors to try, and buy, more activities, customers who stay longer are more likely to purchase refreshments.

This is a great opportunity for you to review your food and beverage offering, expanding your menu to allow for the fact that visitors will be on the premises for longer and so may require a wider range of refreshment choices – eg. Hot snacks and light meals

4. Unrivalled aesthetics and quality

Clip'n Climb ABEO Entre-Prises Sportainment Leisure Fun Climbing

Clip ‘n Climb offers a feast for the senses with Challenges in an array of different shapes, colours and textures, incorporating soft, rough, cold, plastic and Velcro surfaces to create a unique climbing experience.

The Challenges include ‘Stairway to Heaven’, featuring a spiral climb’; ‘Twister’, which offers participants a 3D climbing experience; and the ‘Vertical Drop Slide’, which gives climbers a free fall sensation.



5. Enjoy big brand benefits

Operators who team up with Clip ‘n Climb can enjoy the advantages our well-known, colourful and friendly brand, renowned across the world for being the first ever fun climbing experience, brings.

Our marketing reach is huge – globally and locally – and we can likely attract a far wider audience than you can do, alone. You will see your customer levels increase as users come for the Clip ‘n Climb adventure and then stay to try out your other offerings, from refreshments to entertainment.

By joining with us and inviting your visitors to enjoy the Clip ‘n Climb experience, you will discover that together, we can !

For more information on how you can benefit from being a Clip ‘n Climb operator, get in contact with our team today.


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