The high-performance connection device

The BelayMate is an innovative safety mechanism developed by Clip ‘n Climb that provides 100% safety for climbers when connected to an Auto Belay

  • increased climber safety
  • reduced staffing costs
  • enhanced customer experience
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Features and Benefits

  • The integral swivel eliminates twisting of the Auto Belay line
  • Environmental and life performance testing indicates a lifetime in excess of 10 years
  • Field serviceable locking bolts enable worn Auto Belay lines to be replaced
  • Sequenced connector locking system means Auto Belay lines no longer retract accidentally

Quality Control:

  • CE Certified and Manufactured in an ISO 9001 registered facility
  • Manufactured in stainless steel – it has been tested to withstand 2.2 tons.
  • BS EN12275:1998 – Mountaineering Equipment – Connectors
  • EN362:2004 – Personal protective equipment against falls from a height – Connectors


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BelayMate User Guidelines

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