Locker rooms - an essential part of the leisure centre

The locker rooms are an important part of a leisure centre, whether you are planning to open a Clip ‘n Climb centre or add a Clip ‘n Climb zone to your multi-activity centre or trampoline park!

Our sister-company France Equipment has been developing ever more innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions for any type of sanitary or locker room layout project, for more than 50 years.

Please find the full offer below.

Laminated multi-box lockers

This flagship model is known for its firmness and easy maintenance. All the lockers can be tailormade and personalized.

Possible variations: Industrial cabinets, 2 boxes/column or Z-doors.


Multi-box lockers in steel

These lockers have a very good price-quality ratio and are easy to keep clean. The lockers can be tailormade and customized.

Possible variations: Industrial cabinets, lockers particularly for educational use.

Wood sided benches: The wall bench

This product is essential for briefing rooms. The benches are robust, easy to clean and are resistant to humidity. There is a wide range of colour possibilities to fit your centre.

Possible variations: Wall/floor benches, benches with legs, step benches, designer benches or locker support benches. Also available in stainless steel.

Wood sided bench combination

As an essential product for the locker rooms, these combinations are robust and easy to clean.

There is a wide choice of colours, the modules are humidity resistant and adaptable for all types of walls.

Possible variations: Wall/ground combination, floor combination, double-sided combination. Also available in stainless steel.

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