BelayMate – The new connection device for climbers

Clip ‘n Climb is launching BelayMate: 

The new connection device for climbers when connected to an Auto Belay

The clever Kiwis that invented Clip ‘n Climb and the TruBlue® Auto Belay are pleased to announce the launch of BelayMate … another game changing safety device for the climbing industry.

BelayMate is a ‘high performance’ connection device for climbers using Auto Belays.

It is a tamper proof system which ensures that climbers are connected 100% securely to the Auto Belay line before they commence climbing. A unique sequencing mechanism ensures that either the Harness Connector or the Ground Anchor Connector has to be engaged into the main body at any time. The engagement of one connector automatically unlocks the other connector.

 The BelayMate connection system eliminates the need for close supervision while at the same time increasing climber safety. This can also lead to savings by reducing the number of staff required in larger climbing centres.

BelayMate is CE Certified to meet all relevant standards. 

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