As the creator and leader of the fun climbing industry, Clip ‘n Climb is constantly innovating and searching for new ways to challenge and excite your customers. We are therefore delighted to announce the release of our brand new, fully interactive soft-play challenge: Blox Stax.

Brightly coloured blocks

A Great Addition to Your Facility

Blox Stax is a fantastic space filler within the Clip ‘n Climb arena. Not only can this challenge fill an empty space within your centre, it also allows for a larger visitor capacity per hour, due to it needing a minimum of two climbers to participate. The interactive teambuilding element and accessibility to all levels makes Blox Stax a must-have addition to your centre.

A Fantastic Teambuilding Activity

Blox Stax has been designed as a team challenge, requiring two or more climbers to work together to build a tower of blocks. One team member will carefully balance to climb to the top, as their teammates help to stack more and more blocks. The interactive nature of the challenge keeps customers engaged with your centre.

Appeals to a Wide Audience

Climbers of all ages and abilities can take on Blox Stax. The challenge can be as easy or as difficult as you like, with climbers working together to decide how high they want to stack the blocks. Blox Stax is a fun challenge even for those team members on the ground, with everyone getting involved in building the tower. This is an extremely enjoyable challenge for all, in line with our mission to be inclusive and make climbing accessible.

Encourages Customer Loyalty

There is a competitive element to our latest challenge, with customers working together to build a taller tower than their friends. Climbers are encouraged to visit again and again to build and climb a higher stack than their previous visit. This can help you grow a loyal customer base and encourages repeat business.

For more information about Blox Stax, get in touch today.

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