Clip ‘n Climb is launching its newest Challenges: Detonator and Time Traveller!

Clip'n Climb's Detonator Challenge

Meet Detonator: a beautiful remake of the Astroball that takes up less floor footprint is out to complete the small areas.

You will definitely be attracted by this stimulating eye-catching challenge.  This latest and highly challenging 3D wall will test the climber’s courage and agility, attracting all ages to measure their skills on the overhanging bomb spheres.

Brightly colored, different sized giant bombs lead the climber to the top.  With only one enormous, spherical handle per bomb and a few small knob-like holds for your feet, this challenge needs a maximum amount of suppleness, strength and stretch!  PLUS… all the handles are positioned at different angles!

The overhanging bomb spheres create a tricky challenge as climbers will need to reach out and around the spheres to grab the handles while using the rounded, slippery smooth spheres as footholds.  Grab or undercling the handholds, swap hands for feet and STRETCH!

From the top, champions will be happy that they’ve overcome this great bomb challenge and admire the view. Certainly impressive photos can be taken of this 3D, really exciting challenge.

The explosive visual aspect of this Detonator challenge will attract all types of climbers and blow their minds! Highly entertaining for all ages; children, teens and adults alike!

Challenge category: Classic Challenge

Number of Climber: 1

Height: 4 heights available (6.4m, 7.6m, 8.8m, 10.0m / 19.6ft, 22.9ft, 26.2ft, 32.8ft)


Time Traveller1

Board on the Time Traveller: the very first interactive Clip ‘n Climb Challenge!

Clip ‘n Climb continues to introduce innovative new climbing Challenges to the fun climbing market. The latest is Time Traveller, which features a countdown clock and optical sensors to create a truly interactive Challenge.

With eye-catching graphics inspired by the London Underground map, climbers select the speed of the countdown clock and have to get to the finish before their time runs out.

A teammate on the ground can watch the clock and call out how much time is left.

It is a race against time with the additional challenge of gaining points on the way up by capturing optical sensors on the interchange symbols.

‘Climbing is a multi-function activity that can be enjoyed by all ages’, said John Targett. ‘It improves core strength, agility, balance and mental alertness. Clip ‘n Climb makes climbing stimulating through uniquely individual Challenges that create a fun and healthy environment for everyone’.

After these two, the company currently has another exciting new Challenge under development for release later in the year.

Challenge category: Premium Challenge

Number of Climber: 1

Height: 4 heights available (6.4m, 7.6m, 8.8m, 10.0m / 19.6ft, 22.9ft, 26.2ft, 32.8ft)







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