Cleaning procedures for a sanitized Clip ‘n Climb arena

Regaining guest confidence and managing their expectations will be among the challenges leisure facilities will face during the re-opening processs. And this will be achieved through a precise cleaning procedure and explicit precautions to ensure compliance with government guidelines. This situation is affecting every business, and every product in a different way. Our products are used in high touch environments and that is why we wanted to inform operators about the best ways to sanitize their arena.

We have gathered here pieces of advice to clean all the equipment needed for the Clip ‘n Climb activity. Additional information can be found on the Clip ‘n Climb Extranet for our facilities owners or on other reliable website like the Centers Disease for Prevention and Control.


General cleaning of the arena:

Frequently sanitize high-touch surfaces as tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, sinks, countertops. We encourage operators to consider removing high-touch surfaces if they aren’t completely necessary.

Review and adapt your cleaning and sanitizing frequency for each zone of your facility depending on moving critera (traffic, surface, environment, drying times, environment…). Please consider carefully virus kill times and dryting times prior to reopening an area for guest access.

cleaning measures in arena


Remember to clean and sanitize surfaces and equipment in guest and behind-the-scenes areas too.

For restrooms, be extra vigilant with cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing protocols. Document processes to ensure they are effective and consider dedicating an employee to monitoring the restroom capacity to respect physical distancy.


When using Alochol solutions, make sure they are at least 70% made of alcohol to be efficient. When cleaning, make sure you are wearing disposable gloves and gowns if required and you have good ventilation in the area when using the products.


Clip ‘n Climb Challenges:

The first step is to wash with soap and water to clean. Before using diluted bleach, you must do a small patch test using it for 24h if you are not sure of the material you are cleaning. Disinfecting with household detergent or diluted belach and please follow the label recommendation to ensure safe and effective us of the product.



• Vinyl-top and Rubber Crump : We recommend you use soap and water first. Then disinfect with household fetergent or diluted bleach.
• Carpet-bonded Foam : You can steam clean your carpet-bonded foam with one to one-hundred-part solution of bleach to water.


Climbing equipment:

All information concerning cleansing and mainting in good use Petzl climbing equipment can be found on this document.


TruBlue auto belays:

Many cleaners and disinfectants does not suit to the instruction for cleaning Head Rush products. If a device needs more than a simple dusting, customers should use a damp cloth with warm water and a mild detergent such as a dish soap to clean the device, carabiner, or webbing. Allow the unit to air dry after cleaning.

Clip'n Climb ABEO Entre-Prises Sportainment Leisure Fun Climbing

Certain disinfectants such as bleach or Lysol will chemically attack webbing and stitching and must not be used! Head Rush has researched compatible disinfection agents and recommends an undiluted 70% Isopropyl Alcohol spray or wipe. Spray or wipe a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol on Head Rush carabiners and handgrips.
For the hand grip, we recommend spraying the 70% Isopropyl Alcohol on a rag and wiping it in a downward motion towards the carabiner. This will help to keep the handgrip from becoming soaked. Do not soak the webbing.

Do not spray Alcohol near heat sources or open flames as alcohol is flammable. Allow the device to air dry after disinfecting. Use only Isopropyl Alcohol as other types of alcohol will damage the webbing.

Reach out to us if you need any other information or if you have questions regarding cleaning measures that should be implemented in your facility. We care about you.

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