Climbing wall takes centre-stage on Gladiators!

Eagle-eyed Clip ‘n Climb fans may have spotted our debut on the recently revamped iconic 90’s sport entertainment game show Gladiators, as contestants took on the legendary challenge “The Wall”, manufactured and supplied by Clip ‘n Climb.


Epic showdown on The Wall

In this heart-pounding challenge, contenders face the ultimate test: scaling a 10m wall. But here’s the twist—after 7 seconds for men and 10 seconds for women, the Gladiators launch into action, chasing down the contenders, adding a thrilling pursuit element to the climb. The stakes are high, the challenge is intense, and The Wall becomes the battleground for skill, strength, and sheer determination.

90’s classic gets a modern twist

The iconic rock effect climbing wall from the 90’s has undergone a transformation for the new series, led by production designer Patrick Doherty. Clip ‘n Climb worked their magic to create a modern, dynamic look and feel. Two bespoke walls were crafted, one for male contenders and another for female. These 10m towering structures, built with traditional holds, evolve into a daunting overhang as climbers ascend—testing their courage with every move.

From concept to reality

Danny Hodgson, commercial manager at Clip ‘n Climb, led this exciting project and said: “Being the creators and market leaders in the fun climbing industry, it was a pleasure for Clip ‘n Climb to share their expertise with the show team. The Wall truly embodies the essence of fun and thrill – which is exactly what our brand represents. It was great to watch the episode at the weekend and see the walls live on TV!”

Collaboration with Roadrunner Rigging

The magic behind the scenes wouldn’t have been complete without the expertise of Roadrunner Rigging, a rigging service provider to the entertainment industry. Roadrunner designed and provided all the rigging and automation, as well as manufacturing some scenic and game elements.

Damian Weymouth, director at Roadrunner Rigging, revealed the meticulous planning and execution involved in bringing this challenge to life, saying: “Having worked with Clip ‘n Climb previously, we knew they were in a good position to provide both the panels and the holds on time and budget. Their large stock of holds meant we could fulfil the design and colour requirements. Colour and texture were crucial, as the walls act as projection surfaces throughout the show when they aren’t being used for climbing. Roadrunner designed and fabricated modular steelwork to support the panels, permitting Clip ‘n Climb to carry out initial route setting at Roadrunner’s workshop, streamlining the on-site install process considerably. Clip ‘n Climb have done a great job, providing excellent products and support throughout.”

Behind the scenes

Manufacturing of the climbing walls commenced in spring 2023 and were installed on site by the expert hands of Roadrunner Rigging. Clip ‘n Climb’s Rose Wright and Luke Murphy, both avid climbers, took the excitement to Sheffield Arena, sharing their climbing skills by delivering training sessions with the Gladiators.

Rose said: “It was so much fun meeting and working with the team at Gladiators. Everyone tackled The Wall with real enthusiasm, and it was great to see them in action at the weekend!”

Stay tuned for more climbing

As the excitement unfolds on future episodes of Gladiators, keep an eye out for us on The Wall challenge. If you would like any more information about how you can get involved in the fun climbing industry, explore our investment opportunities – it’s time to turn your passion for adventure into a business reality!

Catch Gladiators on BBC and BBC iPlayer in the UK. 

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