Clip ‘n Climb Derby is the 1st UK centre to have introduced BelayMate!

Clip ‘n Climb Derby is thrilled to have introduced BelayMate to their centre in January and the response from climbers has been enormously positive.


We had a chat with Emma Haslam, owner of Clip ‘n Climb Derby, and here are her thoughts on BelayMate:

With 19 lines in the centre and sessions of a maximum of 24 climbers, Clip ‘n Climb Derby originally had a staff of 4 people through the week, going up to 7 at weekends. They decided to install BelayMate on each of their 19 lines to save on wages and line wear.

The installation went smoothly, although instructors expressed some reservation, “My staff didn’t like it at first as it changed their role. We explained the advantages of BelayMate and now they love it. They now have more time to provide helpful climbing tips, teaching customers how to climb and to interact better with them”, said Emma.

“It is very easy to use”, she adds, “Familiarity with the system takes less than 10 minutes and children as young as 7 years can use it without assistance.”

BelayMate at Clip ‘n Climb Derby has been a success. Emma and her team introduced it with a soft-launched on Facebook.

Do you want to reduce staff costs and improve the customer experience?

We have created a video clip to demonstrate BelayMate and to show how easy it is to use:

A briefing video for climbers is also available.

Get in touch with us to learn more!



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