Clip ‘n Climb is Heading to the ‘Euro Attractions Show 2016’

Euro Attractions Show 2016

This year Clip ‘n Climb will be returning to the Euro Attractions Show (EAS). Taking place this autumn (September 18-22) in Barcelona, the EAS is a 5 day trade show and expo described as “the epicenter of all things fun”. There will be over 9,000 attraction industry professionals attending, and Clip ‘n Climb will be at the center of it all, running its own exposition booth, and showing the world why Clip ‘n Climb is not only the best place for kid/family-friendly entertainment, birthday parties, and climbing, but also why its 86 centers around the world are the best places out there to find fun!

Come visit us at booth #736 . We hope to see you all there!

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