Clip ‘n Climb to launch a global survey

Clip ‘n Climb always liked being on the edge of innovation and most importantly is a customer-driven company! That is why we are working on an initiative to help the industry navigate the crisis: a global survey. In these times of uncertainty, we have seen the industry coming together and we want to make our contribution. With the crisis rapidly evolving, collecting real-time data is crucial.


The global survey

We care about our guests and we understand that the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is not easy for all. The entire industry might have to regain visitors trust.

Conducting this global survey gives us the opportunity to understand visitors’ state of mind at the moment. Our role is to help operators to adapt their safety measures and precautions. Intended to all Family Entertainment Centres guests, it aims at keeping track of the situation worldwide and see any evolution in perceptions regarding safety measures and procedures.

We want to test what is acceptable for our loved guests. We will share the results with owners, operators and partners to support them  in the decision making.

For all the entertainment centres which had to close doors due to the pandemic, the decision to reopen soon or not and under which conditions is not an easy one. There are a lot of aspects to take into account whether it is the economic context, the legal rules, or the guests experience.
Please, feel free to answer to our panel and share it help us collect insights on what visitors expect. As you might know, the more answers we have, the more our analysis will be on-the-spot.

Access the survey here:





A ‘new normal’



We are pleased to see that Clip ‘n Climb centres and other facilities are reopening where the situation allows. We hope the situation will be better for each of us soon. To all our owners, do not hesitate to discuss on the extranet. You can share what has worked for you if you had the opportunity to welcome guests back!


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