CLIP ‘N CLIMB UK owners come together for annual meeting!

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A look back at the 5th annual CLIP ‘N CLIMB meeting, where more than 50 owners networked and learned about the new challenges and support from the brand.

The fifth annual UK CLIP ‘N CLIMB owners meeting was a great success, with more than 50 owners meeting in Nottingham to discover more about Clip ‘n Climb’s bright and colourful future, and their involvement within it.

The CLIP ‘N CLIMB family braved the frosty elements on March 1st to make the two-day meeting, and shared experiences, networked, and previewed exciting new equipment and support from the CLIP ‘N CLIMB brand.

The exciting times ahead

The event gave a real insight into the future of CLIP ‘N CLIMB and its ambitious growth plans, with the agenda including:

What the owners said

Vicky, owner of CLIP ‘N CLIMB Preston said, ‘What a fantastic meeting we’ve all had. It was a great chance to catch up with the other owners, with some great resources. We also got to see the BELAYMATE in action which has just been installed!’

The meeting was also an opportunity for new CLIP ‘N CLIMB owners, such as Aisha, (Stoke Centre Manager), to learn from more experienced owners: ‘By attending the owners meeting we’ve learned so much. It’s phenomenal for me as a new manager to gain all the knowledge and experience of everyone else. Just seeing the amount of different walls in the Nottingham centre makes me even more excited to get our centre open!’

Thank you!

A very warm thank you to CLIP ‘N CLIMB Nottingham for hosting us on the second day, showing us their amazing centre, and hosting lunch too!

We look forward to next year for another insightful conference, filled with helpful advice for owners and a look at the exciting CLIP ‘N CLIMB journey ahead.

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