Clip ‘n Climb’s innovations were at IATP 2017

On the 22nd and 23rd May 2017, Clip ‘n Climb introduced its latest innovations at IATP’s 1st Annual European International Conference & Trade Show, at the Hilton London Paddington, London, UK.


John Target and Daniel Hodgson from Clip ‘n Climb at IATP 2017

The IATP, International Association of Trampoline Parks was created to help promote the trampoline park industry, stimulate commercial success and growth of its members while ensuring safety standards throughout the industry.

With several Conferences and Trade Shows every year, the IATP has become the place to be amongst trampoline and active leisure shows. So Clip ‘n Climb was there, exhibiting for a day and a half and meeting suppliers and operators. Mick Cook, Daniel Hodgson and Colin Boothroyd of our sales team held the booth, joining forces with John Target, creator of the Clip ‘n Climb concept to present several new products to be launched soon.

Amongst the new products, they introduced our Augmented Climbing Wall that combines projected visuals and proprietary body tracking, creating inter

active games and training applications.

The Climbing Traverse was also part of the show, as a climbing wall that doesn’t need to be attached, to which speed timers can be added for that extra competitive thrill!

Last but not least, the Quick Jump Tower consists of two climbing lines using our high quality wooden mozaik panel system with TruBlue Auto Belays and a Quick jump Platform resulting in a crazy combination of aerial games!

The team gave a well-received speech and operators were very interested in expanding their range of active leisure offerings for visitors. Indeed, Clip ‘n Climb’s clients share a very similar profile to Trampoline Parks’ and both offer the perfect complement in many facilities.

The main questions that were asked concerned return on investment, technical information and the future direction of Clip ‘n Climb. Will we continue to introduce new and evolving Challenges? Of course, yes! Visitors showed a lot of interest in the development of those Challenges with flashing lights and interconnected systems, on which we will continue to update you and our members on our Extranet platform.

Thank you all for coming to see us! Stay vigilant, the official launch is planned soon!

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