Clip ‘n Climb will be launching its new home grown Booking System soon!

In order to offer an ever-more consistent range of services to Clip ‘n Climb owners, Clip ‘n Climb will soon be launching a brand new Booking System.

It has been developed specifically to address the requirements and issues faced at Clip ‘n Climb facilities with the aim being to ease the booking experience for both visitors and operators. The Booking System is currently being test run at our flagship facility: Clip ‘n Climb Plymouth, UK.

The Plymouth location has 38 employees ranging from students to retirees, scout leaders and adventure enthusiasts, all more or less tech savvy and representing the ideal sample to test our system.

It can be incorporated in the already available Website Template for Clip ‘n Climb facilities, as well as being available for websites developed by third-parties. For new facilities and facilities that would wish to switch from their current website, we have designed a package uniting the Booking System with the new customisable Website (to be launched shortly). The new Website package includes a set of individually configured Google Accounts, such as Google Analytics and Google My Business to help owners enhance and monitor their online presence and success. The entire package will be tailored to the specificities of each facility within a month of receiving the order.

We also put at Clip ‘n Climb owners’ disposal maintenance contracts with our collaborating web agencies around the world, to help them develop websites further.

Stay tuned for more and don’t hesitate to ask the staff at Clip ‘n Climb Plymouth how it is going on the Extranet!

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