Head Rush is lauching the 1st TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay for Speed Climbing

Great news for Clip ‘n Climb! The TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay will be perfect for our Speed Wall!

We had been waiting for this innovation and Head Rush delivered! Record-breaking the Speed Climb is now possible thanks to this new TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay. With its retraction rate of 2.7 seconds on our 10m Speed Climb, everything is achievable. And as innovation is Clip ‘n Climb’s priority, all our Speed Climb walls will now come with this TRUBLUE Speed.

Speed Climb is now the perfect tool for training future Olympic athletes for Tokyo 2020! 😉

According to the Climbing Business Journal, speed climbing is the fastest growing portion of indoor rock climbing. That means each year new gyms are being built and including speed walls in their builds. Plus, existing gyms are creating speed walls in their existing space. This comes from the growing popularity in the sport and the increase in youth teams. These youth teams practice and compete in speed climbing.

Did you know that Entre-Prises UK has sold the very 1st TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay system for Speed Climbing? The happy acquirer is the Harrogate Climbing Centre, that will have it installed on their IFSC approved Speed Climbing wall, built by Entre-Prises.

Technical information about the TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay:


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