Owner’s Meeting 2017

Owner’s Meeting – 22nd & 23rd November 2016 – Press Release

The 4th annual Owner’s Meeting was a great success. With over 70 people from 8 different countries it was by far the biggest Owner’s Meeting to date. Over the two days both Entre-Prises representatives and Clip ‘n Climb owners conveyed and exchanged new information and ideas during the ‘formal’ sessions and some of the less ‘formal’ sessions. The ongoing evolution of Clip ’n Climb is assured; the brand, and its related credentials, has now become truly entrenched in the leisure world and the path to the future looks rosy!

We were fortunate to have John Targett, Clip ‘n Climb creator, join us for the meeting. He was very pleased to have the opportunity to exchange with owners and was impressed by the good atmosphere and the engagement of Clip ‘n Climb owners with the Brand.

The International network is now bigger and bigger with more than 110 centers around the world. To reinforce this network, we launched the Owner’s Extranet during the meeting, with an individual account for each owner and manager. The Extranet’s forum and file manager provide many tools, tips and resources to help Owners develop their respective businesses!


During the dinner


Clip ‘n Climb Owners







John Target said:

  “It was my pleasure to attend this year’s Owners Meeting in Manchester. I was very impressed with the caring and sharing nature of all participants and I feel sure that everyone will have come away from the event having learned many things that will benefit their business. The feedback that I and the ENTRE-PRISES team received will better equip us to provide the relevant support and developments that were discussed at the meeting and by the Focus Groups.
Located in over 35 countries Clip ‘n Climb is fast emerging as a genuine global brand and is the clear market leader within the fun climbing market. The brand continues to grow in terms of value, and while the product is terrific it is you the owners and operators that bring it to life. Thank you all for being such terrific brand ambassadors. I look forward to meeting with you again next year. Rest assured that our commitment to quality and innovation will continue and we will update you with news on our developments via email and the Extranet.”


John Targett and Clip ‘n Climb Chelsea

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