To help franchisees attract new customers, encourage mid-week visits and grow income in 2023, Clip ‘n Climb UK has launched Climb Fit.

Targeted at people who want to get fit or stay fit (but try something more inspiring than the gym), Climb Fit is a unique and energising mix of indoor climbing combined with floor exercises for an interval-style workout.


Franchisee benefits:

Target groups


How it works

Participating franchisees can offer Climb Fit sessions weekly, in blocks of six. Instructor-led, they comprise:

Climbing is changing…are you?

Boosted by its inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the unique combination of physical and mental health benefits it offers, indoor climbing is reaching a growing demographic and interest in it is expected to explode around the Paris Olympics in 2024.

Clip ‘n Climb UK franchisees have access to range of initiatives like Climb Fit designed to ride this wave of potential new customers.


All the support you need

Franchisees benefit from having a standard operating procedure document for the sessions as well as free marketing resources including target audience persona, artwork for leaflets, posters and group social media assets along with suggested content that can be used in marketing activities.

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