NEW – Clip ‘n Climb Card Game

Clip ‘n Climb has an official card game!

The name is Top Climb and it will be your best friend during long trips or just fun breaks!

The rules are very easy to understand and the minimum number of players is two;  you can play with your family, friends, colleagues….

About the game:

We have created one card for each Clip ‘n Climb Challenge with 5 different categories:

Shuffle the cards and deal them to the players, then choose a category, and the highest card wins! The person with all the cards at the end is the winner.

You also have an “I DID IT” strip on each card which provide a bonus if you climbed the Challenge on your card!

Go to your local Clip ‘n Climb centre to get yours!

Looking for UK Centres near you? View our UK Specific Website