New year, new fit

Clip'n Climb ABEO Entre-Prises Sportainment Leisure Fun ClimbingThe start of a new year signals new beginnings when it comes to fitness trends and campaigns. We’re all keen to embrace fresh starts and to take positive steps forward.

Given that, now is one of the best times to review your Clip ‘n Climb offering and consider ways to maximise the yield from any potential fitness and exercise revenue streams.

Health and fitness

At Clip ‘n Climb, our customers who want to get fit are in a great position – they can climb themselves healthy !

There are major health benefits associated with climbing, including the building of muscle strength in the upper and lower body and improved cardio-vascular fitness.

Along with the desired burning of calories that comes with any single session, climbers can experience a positive impact on their stamina and endurance levels.

Our climbing walls are also great for stress relief, enabling users to shift focus from the day-to-day and to concentrate on the task in hand.

All in all, Clip ‘n Climb facilities can provide the ultimate full body and mental workout that ticks all boxes and achieves the best results.

Healthy investment

Present and future Clip ‘n Climb owners can optimise their incomes and make the most of their engaging and unique facilities by offering Climbfit classes to their customers.

Our audience is diverse – and so should be the classes !

Programmes can be established, taking into account a range of fitness levels and customer needs. Classes can also be scheduled to run at quieter times, during term-time, when the facilities are less likely to be in great demand.

With such a wide and growing market for fun climbing and the opportunity to create a mixed timetable that caters to a full cross-section, the prospects for Climbfit are plentiful.

This is a real chance to increase turnover and generate truly healthy profits.

Here’s how it’s done !

Our centre in Chelsea is running Climbercise classes, with set challenges, timed by an instructor, using competitive elements of the equipment to turn the arena into a work-out circuit.

During a one hour class, everyone from complete beginners to more experienced climbers, who want to improve their strength, can test their muscles to the max while improving agility, flexibility and inner core strength.

Next steps

If you want more information on running Climbfit classes, along with further ideas on how best to utilise Clip ‘n Climb facilities to attract those looking for a good workout, get in contact with our team today.

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