We have a new range of Challenges: the Outdoor Challenges!

Clip ‘n Climb is moving outdoors!

Indeed, facing the many enquiries we received regarding outdoor Clip ‘n Climb Challenges, we decided to jump in. So here we go, moving outdoors with Challenges ready to bedazzle the bystanders passing by your area!

Designed, as always, with bright and attractive colors, the Outdoor Challenges include Challenges ranging from the most iconic Astroball to the ‘white knuckle experience’ of the Leap of Faith.

To suit your many needs, we designed 3 sets of Outdoor Challenges:

These combinations can gather from 7 to 15 people at once in a grand maximum of 250 sqm!

Should you wish to garnish your park, your outdoor shopping mall or even your outdoor rope course with these amazing sets, don’t hesitate: contact us for a quote!

Offer your customers the chance to reach for the sun.

Meet the Standard:

Outdoor Challenges - The StandardOutdoor Challenges - The Standard

Then comes The Take Off:

Outdoor Challenges - The Take OffOutdoor Challenges - The Take Off

And finally… The Astronauts:

5 Outdoor Challenges - The Astronauts5 challenges - 4 contoured



Check them out: Outdoor Challenges


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