UK Sales Manager opens her Clip ‘n Climb in Preston

Vicky’s Leap of Faith: opening her own Clip ‘n Climb in Preston

Hi I’m Vicky and I have been working for Entre-Prises UK for nearly 4 years. I started as a designer in Preston in the EP(UK) head office and now I am one of the sales managers; on the road and selling the dream !Having spent much of my time advising clients and creating designs for many customers around the country, I quickly realised the huge potential of Clip ‘n Climb. I have seen it first-hand do extremely well for all of our clients in the UK !

I then decided to take a massive ‘Leap of Faith’ and open a Clip ’n Climb centre myself ! I live just on the outskirts of Preston which is in the North West of England and as there is nothing like Clip ‘n Climb in this area, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to open one in my home town.

After overcoming a few hurdles, I am pleased to announce that we have now opened our Clip ’n Climb centre in Preston in the beginning of February 2017. This is so exciting and I am really thrilled that I have had this opportunity whilst continuing to work for Entre-Prises. I also feel that this boosts my confidence and improves my sales and expertise on Clip ‘n Climb.  What better recommendation to a potential client is there when the salesperson has a centre of their own!

Wish me luck ! “


Vicky Coupe


Check out Clip ‘n Climb Preston’s website!


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