Teens spending half of their weekends cooped up indoors

Our recent report has revealed that teenagers across the world are choosing to spend half of their weekends indoors while their worried parents believe it could have a negative impact on their future.

Our study

The aim of the study, conducted by our research teams, was to investigate how much time children are spending inside on screens and the concerns parents have about their children’s social habits.

We surveyed 2,000 parents and children from a cross-section of our core audience in the UK, Europe, the US and Japan.

One of the key findings was that, given the choice, many teenagers would prefer to spend their weekend leisure time cooped up indoors as opposed to being outdoors.

The results showed children in the US and Germany spend over 20 hours indoors on an average weekend as opposed to children in the UK and Japan, who spend between 15.5 and 16.5 hours indoors.

Parental concern

mom and daughter

In most countries, around 90% of parents want their children to play outdoors.

The survey also highlights parents’ fears that social media and technology are having a detrimental effect on their children.

Two thirds of parents fear the amount of time their child spends online is affecting their social skills. The same percentage think their child’s future in the workplace or education could be harmed by their lack of time socialising with people.

Parents also say their kids are lacking the social skills they had at their age and interact more with their friends online than in person.

The findings reveal that while there is a shared concern for the amount of time children spend indoors and on screens, there is also a raised fear of allowing children to play outside due to safety issues.

Providing facilities which cater for our audience

As leader of the fun climbing market, we want to empower both children and parents to be active and challenge themselves in a safe environment.

Our facilities help create peace of mind for parents given our centres are indoors, safe and challenges are overseen by experts.

However, the research has allowed us to fully understand what teenagers like to do, align ourselves with how kids want to feel connected to technology and identify how Clip ’n Climb centres can address the needs of this market.

We look forward to sharing more on our plans soon.

For more information about Clip ‘n Climb please contact us.

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