TUV Type Approval: Clip ‘n Climb is recognised as a quality product!

Neil Lowry, Clip ‘n Climb Technical Manager explains what is the TUV Type Approval, and why it’s good news!

“All products are expected to satisfy the requirements of a range of users and meet the assessment criteria of international regulatory bodies. With an endless plethora of products utilising a vast array of materials and technologies conformity can be very confusing.  Here’s a quick run-down of how and why Entre-Prises chose to attain recognised accreditation and ensure quality and safety are an inherent part of Clip ‘n Climb.”

Certifications, Approvals, Directives – what does it all mean…?

“The CE mark is a mandatory mark for some products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). Not all products require it and others are covered by other directives or standards.

If a product meets all aspects of a given directive the manufacturer can CE mark it. Tighter control of some products is brought about by accredited bodies who independently approve an item against more stringent criteria. The CE marking is then given a number too.

For some products like climbing walls there is no directive or mandatory conformity. In these instances, an industry develops recognised standards and conformity is at the discretion of the companies. This is not an independent process so to enhance consumers trust it can be advantageous to have a type approval (also called homologation) that will evaluate and determine that the product meets the industry standard.”

Clip ‘n Climb conforms to the climbing wall standards so why do we need TUV type approval?

“TUV are an experienced and trusted partner. The independent TUV type approval accreditation adds kudos to our existing product credentials and brings the following benefits for Clip ‘n Climb:

TUV’s type approval provides an official certification mark – an impartial declaration of conformity. It communicates our dedication to climbing wall safety and builds trust in the Clip ‘n Climb brand and facilities which continue to grow around the world.”

Thanks Neil!

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