Valo Motion releases a new game for ValoClimb!

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Valo Motion is announcing a new game release for ValoClimb: FlashTM

FlashTM is great entertainment for every user group and brings operators not only closer to the Olympics but adds an exciting game for sports and competition oriented audiences. A level-creator will appeal to groups and enhance the social experience, add an element of creativity and enhance repeatability. It is packed with stunning graphics and sounds that mesmerise both players and audiences in a unique setting.

Tic-tac… the clock is ticking. Players can be creative, figure out moves and beat the speed record. Start the level, hit all the touch-points and see – did you beat the time? Play it by yourself or in a group. Take turns, fine-tune your sequence of moves. Compete with your best styles and strategies. Can you find the ultimate formula on next try and find fame in the online high score?

With FlashTM players will discover totally new fun ways of moving on the climbing wall. A process of inventing the best climbing moves has just begun! FlashTM is great entertainment for every user group.

About ValoClimb

ValoClimb is the world’s first interactive game platform for climbing walls. The Augmented Climbing Wall combines climbing, video-games and augmented reality! A camera, a computer, and a video projector are included in the system. The new technology invites anyone, from young kids to hard training adults to have a great time while exercising! ValoClimb has several games and applications with fitness training, two-player challenges, obstacles etc.

Since 2017, Entre-Prises, the parent company of Clip ‘n Climb, is now an official distributor of Augmented Climbing Wall products by Valo Motion.

To find more about Augmented Climbing Walls by ValoClimb, do not hesitate to contact us.



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