2019 Round Up – What we’ve shown we can do !

blankIt’s been an exciting 12 months for Clip ‘n Climb, filled with international events, highly-anticipated launches and the opening of 50 new centres, which has seen the brand debut in certain countries, while making further inroads into the leisure market in others.

Here are just some of Clip ‘n Climb’s highlights from 2019:


Extending our reach

With climbing due to make its debut at the 2020 Olympics and a reported 40 to 50 per cent surge in people wanting to climb indoors, it’s great to be able to announce the opening of 50 new Clip ‘n Climb centres this year and to celebrate our presence, for the first time, in Hungary, Israel and Turkey.

In 2015, the International Federation of Sport Climbing estimated that there were 35 million climbers worldwide and, just short of five years on from that date, the number has doubtless grown.

Clip ‘n Climb is working to accommodate this army of enthusiasts by adding to our centres worldwide.


Looking back – to the future

Clip'n Climb ABEO Entre-Prises Sportainment Leisure Fun ClimbingWe brought out our whitepaper,  ‘The Future of Sportainment’, earlier this year, taking a look at ‘sportainment’ and how best our sector can be shaped, going forward.

Given that this market is expected to grow by approximately 60 billion dollars in 2020, in the US alone, this felt like a very timely study.

Applying the observations of futurologist and fellow of the British Computer Society and the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce, Dr Ian Pearson, together with findings from a series of multi-national surveys, we presented a strong case for the nature of potential future trends, which is now available to download on the website.


Online and social

Our new website and Linkedin and Instagram accounts were established in 2019 to keep our partners informed of what’s happening all over the world and to stay up-to-date with Clip ‘n Climb’s many challenges, while sharing our corporate focuses and concerns.

With over 250 facilities worldwide and a projected 1000 centres due to be in operation by 2022, it’s important that we stay connected and ensure that we are engaging across a number of platforms to reach the widest audience.


Abeo-Entre-Prises-Clip-'n-Climb-Fun-Climbing-Ascendor-GirlNew challenges

This year, new challenge, Ascendor joined the Clip ‘n Climb line up.

The three dimensional, colourful ladder provides a dual challenge, with one side designed to provide a more difficult experience than the other.

A cost-effective offering, the Ascendor has a relatively small footprint, which means that it doesn’t take up too much room and is a  great way to maximise use of space.


A Clip ‘n Climb first

We launched our first ever franchise model in the UK, offering franchisees a complete turn-key leisure business opportunity, including the design and installation of over 40 of our unique indoor and outdoor climbing challenges; extensive training and business support; access to exclusive discounts, marketing support and additional booking system features.


Here, there and everywhere

This was the year that our marketing team got busy and hit the road, putting in appearances at IAAPA Asia, IAAPA Europe and IAAPA Orlando, along with spots at Interfun Expo in Leeds, London’s Elevate, IATP in Berlin and GTI GZ in China.


Everybody’s talking

We’re leading the conversation !

We’ve had approximately 45 substantial pieces of coverage since the launch of the whitepaper as media across the globe has picked up on topics that we have raised.

For more information on Clip ‘n Climb’s progress in the leisure industry, get in contact with our team today.

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