Clip ‘n Climb UK is launching a brand new franchise model

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Clip ‘n Climb has continued to revolutionise the ‘fun climbing’ industry during the last two decades and has grown rapidly in the UK, with over 70 centres now in operation.

With that, we are thrilled to announce that Clip ‘n Climb are now in a position to roll out our brand new Franchise Model, which will be offered to all existing and future centres.

Research shows that climbing activities have surged in popularity over the last ten years, with industry reports showing that there has been a 40-50% surge in people wanting to climb indoors. Clip ‘n Climb stands at the forefront of this development, and this is set to continue with climbing due to make its major debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Therefore, we believe there’s no better time for Clip ‘n Climb to open up the opportunity for franchisees to share our success.

Since the very first centre opened in New Zealand in 2005, Clip ‘n Climb has revolutionised indoor climbing. Its “theme park meets climbing wall” concept has been thrilling and challenging people of all ages, extending the appeal of indoor climbing to a mass audience and creating a new sector in the leisure industry that has gained popularity worldwide.

Our commissioned survey indicates that over 90% of parents worry that with the rise of the digital era, their children are spending too much time indoors. Instead, they would like their children to participate in activities within a safe environment in order to switch off from their digital devices and get active.

Clip ‘n Climb provide this, and the centres provide them with a leisure activity they are drawn back to time and time again.

We have HUGE scope to expand further: into new and exciting areas of the UK, so for those of you who share our vision and values, we want you to come on board and join us: to share this vision, to set up a successful, profitable business and to drive an established, proven brand even further.

Our franchise offering

Clip ‘n Climb offers its UK franchisees a complete turn-key leisure business model, including design and installation for more than 40 colourful, unique indoor and outdoor climbing challenges, designed to appeal to all age groups.

The proposition for those wanting to opt into the Franchise Model will receive a comprehensive franchise training and support programme, covering: Business Planning, Finance and Safety.

In addition, they will receive exclusive discounts on equipment, maintenance checks, further training, early upgrade access, new climbing wall releases, marketing support and additional booking system features.

Working with the Clip ‘n Climb brand as a franchisee means you get the best of both worlds – your own business but with all of the advice and support you need from an established operator in the sector to get the best out of your opportunity.

The franchise model for Clip ‘n Climb is only available in the UK.

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If you would like more information about franchising in the UK, telephone us on 01282 444808


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