Clip ‘n Climb COVID-19 global survey results are available!

Providing operators with great support is what drives us at Clip ‘n Climb. So we took the initiative to launch a global survey – and here are the results!

The current situation


The pandemic has forced Family Entertainment Centres across the globe to close their doors. But the situation is getting better, as some countries are starting to get back to the ‘new normal’.

In order to provide support to leisure facility operators around the world, Clip ‘n Climb decided to launch a global survey. After three weeks of study, we have collected over 700 answers from leisure facility guests for an overview of their preferences on safety measures and precautions.


Portrait of the respondents

We covered a wide range of ages, but 66% were between 31 and 50 years old, which likely represents parents bringing their children to an entertainment facility. The respondents live all over the world, but mostly in the UK, Spain, France, Canada, Germany, the USA, Australia, and Singapore. The people surveyed go to entertainment centres on a fairly regular basis (51% go at least once a month) and tend to stay for an hour or two (58%).

Our core audience was made up of people coming:

The TOP 5 activities loved by the respondents are fun climbing, trampoline, waterpark, bowling and ziplines, meaning that we reached a broad audience with several interests.

Overview of the global results

We asked the respondents under which conditions they would be more likely to come back to the leisure facilities. Our objective was to test COVID-19 risk mitigation measures and ask visitors what would reassure them most.

NEW MEASURES: In general, respondents have stated a high interest in a limited capacity within the arena and social distancing (82% and 79%), followed with online booking and contactless payment options. Wearing gloves, a mask, or having a tracking app would not encourage guests to come back to the facilities. We noted that the use of masks was preferred more often in France and Spain, while gloves were not considered relevant in any country.

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