Clip ‘n Climb’s Core Safety Values – Putting Safety First.

As the creators of fun climbing, we know that safety is of paramount importance, that’s why we put safety first. Your customers, and staff, can only relax and fully enjoy the experience when they know that a session at Clip ‘n Climb, whether for them or a loved one, is totally safe. That’s why we’ve covered all the bases for you, to make every climb as safe as it can possibly be.


Tried and tested climbing challenges

We make sure every Challenge is safe by putting them through an extensive programme of tests before adding to our range. We adhere to EN 12572, the European Standard safety requirements and test methods for artificial climbing structures with protection points.

During the testing phase we’ll add extra safety features if we think they’re needed, such as the safety gate we developed for our Leap of Faith Challenge, which bolts onto the ladder and locks the access, ensuring only climbers accompanied by a trained member of staff can use the equipment.

World Leading Auto Belay and BelayMate


Did you know Clip ‘n Climb developed the TruBlue Auto Belay? Back in 2007, we joined forces with Christchurch-based design engineers, Holmes Consulting, to develop an Auto Belay specifically for the climbing industry. The TRUBLUE, using magnetic eddy current braking technology, was replaced by the TRUBLUE iQ in 2021, the next standard in Auto Belays, with built-in durability, an “Internet of Things” compatible platform, and the magnetic braking that climbers trust. The TRUBLUE or TRUBLUE iQ now features in all our centres. Designed with long service and low operating costs in mind, it’s a win-win for centres and customers alike.

And in 2017 we went a step further with the launch of BelayMate, a fool proof safety mechanism that provides 100% safety for climbers connected to an Auto Belay. Clip ‘n Climb centres use this innovative technology for increased climber safety and climber independence, as the BelayMate removes the need for close staff supervision. This also means that staff to climber ratio is kept lower, helping to offer sessions for a reduced cost and helping to increase centre profits.

Safety Equipment

All climbers must wear a Clip ‘n Climb safety harness whilst in the arena that can be clipped into the BelayMate. We offer all Clip ‘n Climb centres a variety of harnesses suitable for children from two years old upwards, with a different harness which clips in at the back, for the Leap of Faith Challenge. We also provide helmets for use on the Leap of Faith Challenge and helmets and overalls for the Drop Slide Challenge, for climber safety and comfort.

Ongoing training and support

blankTo keep safety standards consistent across all Clip ‘n Climb centres, we train all our facility managers and their teams ourselves, from full training in management and safety before every new centre opens, to an ongoing programme of further training that keeps their knowledge and skills up to date.

They also have access to our Extranet, a hub of information for Clip ‘n Climb owners where they’ll find all the safety manuals, briefings, risk assessments etc., a forum to discuss topics with other Clip ‘n Climb owners, and regular articles from Clip ‘n Climb, particularly useful during the pandemic to keep owners informed of updates to guidelines and procedures with a full advisory pack and signage provided for their centres.

Standards and procedures

All Clip ‘n Climb centres continue to follow a set of strict safety standards designed to prevent accidents, so that customers can relax and enjoy their climbing experience safe in the knowledge that we’ve thought of everything. For example, special floor equipment helps to keep every facility hazard-free, with rubber crumb safety flooring to provide additional cushioning, and articulated padded mats which warn participants when there is a climber already using the Challenge above.

Nothing is left to chance – we produce dedicated safety manuals, covering every detail of the day-to-day running of a Clip ‘n Climb facility, including daily inspections, equipment maintenance, and safety briefings.

Climbing sessions always start with a harness fitting and a safety briefing to make sure visitors can use the equipment safely, and our briefing videos help climbers get up to speed with a specific Challenge before they attempt it.

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