Clip ‘n Climb announces a refreshed, new look for two Classic Challenges

Clip ‘n Climb, the leader and creator of fun climbing, is proud to announce a refreshed, new look for its Jungle Vines and Morse Code Challenges -with more to follow!

Innovation and quality: Clip ‘n Climb watchwords

Clip ‘n Climb is not one to rest on its laurels. After successfully launching Prima – its new range dedicated to multi-activity leisure facilities – in April, Clip ‘n Climb’s designers have been hard at work to come up with new, innovative ways to ensure the “WOW factor” that Clip ‘n Climb facilities and visitors know and love.

As a leader in the fun climbing industry, Clip ‘n Climb knows how important new attractions and staying up-to-date with the newest trends are for leisure facilities. As such, Clip ‘n Climb has made it its mission to roll out innovative, quality designs that keep multi-activity facilities looking fresh and visitors coming back again and again.

Its newest endeavour is a refreshed, new look for its most popular Classic range – starting with the Jungle Vines and Morse Code challenges. Clip ‘n Climb asked Chaz McManus, the Design Technician at Clip ‘n Climb International’s New Zealand factory, for more information:


Chaz McManus, Design Technician at Clip ‘n Climb

“The project’s title is “Refresh” which I think sums up our objective in a single word perfectly,
says Chaz. “Our aim is to take existing Clip ‘n Climb designs and modify them using the simplest means possible with the goal of creating a better product for our customers and the brand they become a part of.”



With new panels with exciting printed graphics and new, vibrant colours representing the Clip ‘n Climb brand, these Refreshed Challenges are sure to draw an audience.



So, what’s new?


Morse Code, Refreshed

Clip ‘n Climb climbers will enjoy climbing a Morse code message that spells out “Clip ‘n Climb is fantastic fun”. With new, vibrant colours in line with the Clip ‘n Climb brand, this Challenge is sure to appeal to climbers of all ages.

Jungle Vines, Refreshed

This Challenge requires good balance, strong arms, steady legs and the ability to ‘hang out’ from the wall: strength combined with patience and determination to follow the routes indicated by the ball colour. This revitalized version comes with printed graphics, giving the illusion of climbing in a tropical jungle.

Chaz adds, “We aren’t necessarily aiming to change how specific Challenges work, mainly modifying what exists in such a way that it presents itself as something new and exciting, so they align with our ranges’ more modern looking Challenges.

“We chose these specific challenges because they were two of the older designs – refresh for both meant modernizing, and so changes to their materiality made the most sense here”, says Chaz.

While the Refreshed Challenges have a new look, the technical specifications for each Challenge remain unchanged.

The Clip ‘n Climb community climbs to new heights

Chaz McManus hasn’t been working alone. In keeping the Clip ‘n Climb motto that ‘Everyone Can’, the Clip ‘n Climb specialists on the company’s Internal Innovation Team are working closely with Clip ‘n Climb testers from all over the world. These testers are Clip ‘n Climb facility visitors who volunteered during the company’s study about COVID-19 to join the project, and give their feedback while creating the new design.

Working with testers, customer feedback and sales teams is always an interesting process”, says Chaz. “Sometimes it can be challenging, but it always aids the design in some way, helping us create the best outcome possible”.

Their input has helped Clip ‘n Climb designers choose the best designs, and which ones would have the most impact when installed in a centre. Are you an avid Clip ‘n Climb climber and you want to help out? Clip ‘n Climb is always looking for new testers – get in touch to join the project!

This is only the beginning

The Refreshed look for the Morse Code and Jungle Vines Challenges is only the beginning.

Beginning with these two challenges the Product development team aim to develop 2-3 challenges every year. I’m looking forward to this aspect of my role”, Chaz says.

So stay tuned for more exciting, Refreshed Challenges to come!

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