Enhance the Customer Experience with additional Activities

The core of running a Multi-activity or Standalone Clip ‘n Climb centre is offering activities that make your customers come back over and over again. Birthday Parties are a large part of the income of Clip ‘n Climb centres, but you can also organise team-building activities, fitness classes, toddler classes and a great variety of other activities – the sky is the limit!

In addition to offering activities, our existing centres work closely with local schools, sports clubs and scout groups, making sure to fill all the quiet hours of the day.

Contact us for more information and find some examples of activities below.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties are an essential part of running a successful centre. They give centre owners numerous opportunities to increase their takings. Read more

Team Building Sessions

As companies are looking for new ways to engage their employees, Clip ‘n Climb can be a perfect way for colleagues to get together, bond and have fun! Read more

SEN Sessions

Many centres are organizing sessions for children with special needs that gives them a great opportunity to enhance their motor and social skills! Read more

Climb Fit

Climb Fit caters to adults who are tired of the weekly gym routine. Clip ‘n Climb can offer fitness training which has customers work all their muscle groups along with their flexibility, agility and concentration. With regular weekly classes, your customers will come back every week!

Toddler Classes

We usually say that Clip ‘n Climb is for climbers from 4-years upwards, but the Toddler Classes are for the smallest of the family, making these sessions a great family bonding time!

Rock Star

The Rock Star classes are adapted to children of different age groups, giving them the opportunity to  develop, with different levels of challenges and trained staff.

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