Give Your Conversion Rate a Big Boost with Clip ‘n Climb’s Branded Website and Booking System

They’ve been put through their paces by our UK centres with extremely positive reviews from customers and backend users alike – and now Clip ‘n Climb centres all over the world can switch to the branded Website and Booking System by MP Digital. You won’t want to miss out!




Rising to new heights with MP Digital

Clip ‘n Climb is always looking for ways to improve both their customers’ and their facility owners’ experiences – and not only with their new products. Which is how MP Digital, specialist in leisure booking systems and digital solutions, became Clip ‘n Climb’s new digital partner.

MP Digital is a web development agency founded by David Maran, specialising in tailored websites and booking systems, specifically for the leisure industry. Clients praise MP Digital for its easy-to-use and efficient online solutions, along with its excellent customer service – as attested by Mike and Linda Beier, owners of Clip ‘n Climb Edmonton: “David and the team have been so very accommodating, have answered many questions and have gone above and beyond in tailoring the booking system to our unique needs and local requirements.


Why switch to the new website and booking system?

MP Digital has created a bespoke website hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) that is built on a management platform that makes it straightforward to manage and maintain. It has the features necessary to be served in different languages and is important for directing customers through to the booking system.

The Clip ‘n Climb branded booking system was designed with customer conversion and efficiency in mind. It has a number of features that make it stand out – not only is it GDPR compliant, but load speed is down to around 800 ms – well below the 1.5 seconds recommended by Google.

The owner of Clip ‘n Climb Nottingham, David Robertson, notes: “The MP Digital system provides the customer with a hassle-free experience. On the back of house modules, the system allows us total flexibility in managing bookings and reporting. Well-tested updates are regularly released allowing a seamless enhancement to an already great product.”

The system also comes with multiple layers of error detection and rapid response – on both the frontend and backend. A dedicated deployment pipeline allows changes to be pushed out across the system with no downtime, so customers can continue their bookings without having to reload the page.

Since the new booking system was put into place, uptime has been at 100% for the past 16 months, with the number of issues reported to Clip ‘n Climb falling by more than 90%. Clip ‘n Climb centres report having more control of the system with less risk, and since the launch the bookings conversion rate across all the centres has increased to 25%.


Still not convinced? How about a case study?

In October 2020, the booking system in the UK managed roughly 65,000 climbers over the holiday period – and this while operating at only 20% of the UK Clip ‘n Climb climbing capacity due to Coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns.

At that time, Clip ‘n Climb centres could book around 4,320 climbers a day. That means that at its peak, there was a demand of around 1,500% over available bookings. All in all, during the half-term period, even with the restrictions in place, booking requests were only down 5% compared to the February half-term.

With October being heavily restricted to groups of 6 or less, along with the lockdowns? That is pretty impressive.

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