Stimulate interest and engagement with themed climbing sessions

What is a themed climbing session? It’s a standard climbing session with a twist, where you add to the excitement of your Clip ‘n Climb arena by offering special sessions with an appealing theme that will draw in both loyal and new customers.


Date Nights in Ipswich

A great example is the monthly Friday-night date nights due to start at Clip ‘n Climb Ipswich in October. These 90-minute, adults-only sessions include the standard and extreme Challenges followed by a 2-course meal, at £24.95 per person.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is your friend!

Your themed session may be longer or shorter than a standard session, depending on the physical investment required. Capitalise on key events and dates in the year to pique interest, then promote and advertise your sessions to make them impossible to resist. Don’t forget to tap into your customers’ “FOMO” (their fear that someone else might be having more fun than them!) with a Call to Action, such as “Limited spaces available, book early to avoid missing out!

A winning strategy for centres

The benefits of themed climbing sessions for Clip ‘n Climb centres are clear: by diversifying your offer with your fresh new spin on Clip ‘n Climb, and highlighting the inclusivity of recreational climbing – fun for all ages and abilities! – you can boost customer loyalty, entice lapsed customers to return, and attract a potential new customer base too. You’ll secure event bookings well in advance, build investment in your local area by creating a regular (annual/monthly/weekly) event that locals will talk about and recommend, and if you have a café you can put it to good use by offering a climb/meal package.


Free rein for your imagination

The only limit is your imagination, so be creative! Why not plan some Clip ‘n Fit sessions? Or  Climb ‘n Dine? And don’t forget that Halloween will soon be here, so how about some special spooky-themed sessions for adults and kids? Surprise and inspire them with an exciting new themed session that they simply can’t resist!

How are we supporting our Clip ‘n Climb operators?

Clip ‘n Climb is a unique concept which, true to our slogan “Running a Fun and Strong Business”, helps our investors’ businesses to flourish and be fun at the same time. We provide powerful marketing tools to attract customers of all ages and abilities; these are available on our extranet to all Clip ‘n Climb operators.

See our Investor Guide for detailed guidance on setting up your Clip ‘n Climb business.

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