ADD MORE with Clip ‘n Climb

Clip ‘n Climb provides multi-activity centre owners with a great opportunity to add more to their offering. At the forefront of the fun climbing industry, our innovative climbing walls and exhilarating challenges have revolutionised indoor climbing.

Now you can add more to your centre with Clip ‘n Climb and take your leisure facilities to another level.

Get on trend with climbing

With climbing finally set to be an event in the 2020 Olympics, there’s never been a better time to invest in a climbing wall.

On trend and in demand, Clip ‘n Climb is blazing a global trail. Approximately 1000 centres are due to be in operation by 2022 as we entertain our biggest audience yet.

Introducing Clip ‘n Climb to the mix

By adding more activity, you can ADD MORE:

With 3 ranges, Signature, Classic and Prima,  Clip ‘n Climb Challenges are always catching guests’ attention. Fun climbing gives more than just a climbing experience. It will attract visitors and make them come back! A particular work on tactile features is made so it is impossible to get bored.

To discover the Clip ‘n Climb concept in details, download our Investor Guide!

You are a leisure facility or trampoline park operator? Use fun climbing to differentiate yourself from the competition. Keep your facility attractive with easy graphic renewal.

For Clip ‘n Climb owners, have you thought about bringing some novelty to your existing centre? Ask for more graphic possibilities. Our latest Prima range can also be used in narrow spaces so make sure your building is used to its full potential!

Fun climbing is also a good way to introduce climbing to beginners and kids. If you run your own climbing gym or a sports facility, you can integrate these eye-catching walls into your arena to extend your visitors portfolio.

Clip ‘n Climb Challenges are the WOW factor you are missing!


Pulling focus

Climbing is a great spectator sport and increases dwell time.By integrating Clip ‘n Climb facilities, from our climbing walls to our Vertical Drop Slide and Leap of Faith challenges, you are also providing more for visitors to watch.Added to this, you can incentivise these guests to purchase snacks and drinks while they’re hanging out.

For those interested in adding more to their multi-activity centres with Clip ‘n Climb, contact us today.

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