Over 50 Challenges for all ages and climbing levels

Clip ‘n Climb offers a  very wide range of Challenges ! From climbing the Ladder to our premium Challenges – the Leap Of Faith, Stairway to Heaven and Astroball – Clip ‘n Climb Challenges offer unique and extraordinary experiences! The different shapes, vibrant colours and variety of textures make the Challenges appealing to anyone from 4 years upwards, regardless of climbing level. It is  IMPOSSIBLE TO GET BORED!

Discover all our Challenges below and contact our team to learn more!

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Invaders from space provide a super fun problem-solving Challenge for ‘astronuts’ of all ages.
LED lighting in the corner moulds adds interplanetary atmospherics.


A great Challenge for first-time visitors and younger children as it can be climbed blindfolded!
Handholds and footholds can be gripped in a variety of ways.


Ascendor is a dual Challenge with two difficulty levels – on one side the steps are closer to each other and the other further away.


One of the most sensational challenges, designed to accommodate 3 climbers.
Meet your friends and other climbers on your way to the top and get photographed on this visually appealing and epic Challenge

Big Cheese

A crisp and colourful-looking climb, which enables smaller climbers to steadily weave their way to the top, swopping and matching of hands and feet.


This ascend promises unique encounters with funny characters living in the blocks! Kids will love it and practice their shifts from right to left.


Make your own combination from your favourite geometric and colorful background to climb on and these L-shaped holds to create a fun and attractive climbing wall.


The bouldering wall is a shorter wall with no ropes. There are three different Challenges or ‘problems’, ranging from bronze to gold.

Caving Ladder

This climb imitates the challenge a caver faces in a steep vertical cave section.
A wobbling narrow cable ladder will give you the feeling of ‘being out there’… with no solid wall in front of you.


Bright colourful LED lights reflect brilliantly off the metallic checkerplate surface to create another visually stimulating Challenge with handhold options: palming, undercling and pinch.

Circuit Breaker

Get to the top in electronics! This circuit board creates a wonderful abstract pattern, lighting up your day! From the gently pulsing connection lines to the flickering hi-voltage handholds, choose the round flashing holds or the solid square holds to reach the top, while coping with the bright lights…

Cloud 9

A visually whimsical interpretation of a scattering of clouds…
Ascend through the clouds via one of the three routes indicated by the colour of the holds.


This vibrant new corner challenge introduces an exciting strip of block yellow to the Clip ’n Climb range, brightening up any corner it’s installed in.

Cool Bananas

Inspired by the transitions on an adventure ropes course, but with the added challenge of climbing. Climbers must negotiate the nine banana shaped transitions whilst climbing to the top with the aid of the hanging ropes.


A panel of fruit-like orange and lime green round holds with two twists: you have to climb up the corner, AND it lights up!
Enjoy the different light sequences that follow you to the top and brighten your day.

Dark Tower

An extremely popular night-climbing experience. LED lights backlight the translucent climbing holds to create a great challenge that requires focus, careful foot placement and determination to get all the way to the top.


All of the iconic Astroball’s fun in a version that requires less ground space!
Make your way through the 3D spheres and grab the little holds and the big handles to get to the top!


A sharply defined chessboard backdrop makes this climbing Challenge a simple but dramatic attention grabber.
Check the colour of the handholds to find your route before starting and move like a chess figure… .

Dome Chimney

This climb requires a different technique: bridging feet on holds on opposite sides, pushing down with the arms and using the legs to drive upwards.

Dry Ice

A unique climb designed to reflect the ice axe technique used in real ice climbing.
Climbers place their ‘axes’ in holes in the top of each hold, which also doubles as the foothold and work their way steadily up the climb.

Face to Face

Race your mate to the top of this very popular element.
This stimulating and highly original climbing Challenge uses commercial gauge clear acrylic.


Fizzure’s minimal angled holds makes for a more difficult challenge that aims to test the way climbers position themselves while they climb.


A great wall if it is your first time climbing. It is made to help you be at ease, move with enjoyment and confidence, fluidity and adaptability. Its original and flamboyant look will guide you to the top.


The honeycomb created by these unique hexagonal shaped holds make a visually stimulating Challenge, offering many different routes to the top, with coloured holds determining the degree of difficulty…


Variations in Illusion’s hold shapes combined with mirrors housed within them create an interesting and more dynamic addition to the Prima range.

Jungle Gym

This satisfying commando-style Challenge requires strong arms and determination… it’s a tough physical challenge that has proven to be a natural draw card for climbers of all ages. There is a choice of two different routes up to the cargo net and then climbers face the task of grappling their way to the finish.

Jungle Vines

Similar in nature to Spaghetti Junction but with much longer ropes and slatted footholds, which require an altogether different climbing technique.
This Challenge requires good balance, strong arms, steady legs and the ability to ‘hang out’ from the wall: strength combined with patience and determination to follow the routes indicated by the ball colour.


Koral’s organic design is it’s main point of difference. It’s simple route set is designed to be made more difficult by the distracting nature of it’s panels.


The lead wall is challenging. Its starts at a level that’s accessible for all climbers, but the higher you go, the more difficult this climb gets.

Leap of Faith

This adrenalin-pumping challenge is an immensely popular element.
The goal is to climb up the central pole and onto the jump platform, where the participant leaps out to catch hold of the trapeze.

Lightning Crack

A beautiful climbing wall in the form of a lightning bolt.
Climbing the ‘crack’ is a unique challenge for climbers as it requires good body positioning to maintain balance.

Morse code

Climb the message that says “Clip ‘n Climb is fantastic fun!”
A disarmingly simple looking climb, but one that quickly turns into quite a challenge with rubber holds that require constant focus, especially when tackling the red route.


Spin your way to the top of this unique interactive Challenge.
Thanks to some clever background technology, each of the offset discs rotates to the left and right, leaving you little time for thinking or resting on the way to the top…


An appealing climb with 3 different holds to climb on. Let your stress go away and climb reassured and relaxed on this wall!


A geometric pattern with brightly coloured holds to create many hectic routes to ascend! Don’t get distracted by the visually appealing design and figure out how best to grab each holds to ensure grappling your way to the finish.


A brightly-coloured wall made up of pixels arranged in a stunning pattern that is a real head turner.
Figure out how best to grip the round holds and choose your colour to climb your route to the top.


With it’s very consistent hold positions this climb is perfect for beginners OR intermediate climbers who aim to set their own rules.

Red Square

Climbing is all about problem-solving and the solution is not immediately clear with this challenge.
All the hold ‘fronts’ are the same and it is only by careful inspection that the various routes to the top are revealed (by the colour behind the holds).


This stunning bright and coloured element is an excellent first climb for younger climbers who can go straight up the middle as if they were climbing a ladder.
It’s also a Challenge for fit and flexible adults who can work their way to the top via the most difficult route, using the under-cling handholds.


Smiling is contagious! The smiley faces will help you with two different types of holds to find your balance and work your way up to the top. A fun workout to brighten up your day.

Spaghetti Junction

An exciting and physical Challenge with short trailing ropes and organic foothold shapes. A great workout on a climb that requires both balance and strength!


By far the most engaging Challenge in our Clip ‘n Climb facilities, the Speed Wall has a competitive element so you can challenge your friends or family to a race, and test your own limits.

Speed Climb

This speed Challenge caters to the naturally competitive instincts within us all. Usually set-up in pairs to race your mate to the top, it can also be installed as a single element. LED lighting in corner moulds reinforces the fast-moving action.


These eye-catching red holds on one of the graphical design create an exciting route to the top! Climbers will have to be adventurous and use their capacity to stay stable.

Stairway to Heaven

Stay calm and well balanced on this signature element that is always busy.
No hands required – climbers are challenged instead to walk their way to the top, using steady balance and careful footwork to avoid the drop.


A great looking element with two distinct and steely Challenges.
On the back wall, climbers need strong arms and good footwork to grapple their way to the top using the red bars. Foot placement like the side challenge is on sloped steel rails. Like the side Challenge, foot placement is on sloped steel rails.

The Crag

Beautifully sculpted in fibreglass, this element gives climbers an opportunity to climb a natural looking rock face, which feels like a real challenge.
The features provide additional challenges as the climber works up to the overhang at the top.

Time Traveller

The Time Traveller features a countdown clock and optical sensors to create a truly interactive Challenge. With eye-catching graphics inspired by the London Underground map, climbers select the speed of the countdown clock and have to get to the finish before their time runs out.

Tree Trunk

Everyone loves climbing trees… but a square tree trunk? That’s unusual, for sure! This is a beautiful recycled tree, laminated and moisture cured to maintain its good looks.


A super interesting organic-looking wall, with the tactile excitement of the triffid shapes.
Enjoy a real ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ moment on this most challenging element.


Trigg is a visually interesting and simple to climb addition to the range. It’s repeating holds and route is perfect for beginner climbers.


Choose from the 3 striking wall designs your favourite and add these surprising holds to create the perfect combo : a visually and physically stimulating Challenge for beginners and experts to enjoy !


An absolutely stunning and powerful visual attraction.
Twister is not only a centre piece; it is a great climbing challenge, where you can peep round the corners at the other climber.


Wearing gloves with a huge Velcro Dot on the palm, climbers press their hands against the special carpet to stay balanced. A Challenge that reflects the need for climbers to transfer their centre of gravity over their lead foot before moving on.

Vertical Drop Slide

In this extraordinary experience, you are kitted out in a skydive suit and a helmet.
Holding on to a handlebar, you are pulled up the face of the slide. At the 9-metre high top, you can let go at any time you choose.

Zigg Zagg

This climb has a snakes-and-ladders look, but involves a series of challenges.
Traversing from left to right and vice versa with vertical sections in between, the climber weaves their way to the top on one of the three routes.

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