Case study : Dock 39 adding more with Clip ‘n Climb


Are you looking to add more to your multi-activity facility or for that next great idea in the leisure industry? Clip ‘n Climb corner is a great option that caters to businesses and families alike.

For an idea of what it’s like to run a Clip ‘n Climb corner, we asked one of our operators, Dock 39, to give us a sneak-peek into their thought process in choosing Clip ‘n Climb.

We had the opportunity to interview Leire, the manager at Dock 39 Murcia. She was able to give us useful figures to help future investors understand what it is like to run a multi-activity facility with Clip ‘n Climb.

Welcome to Dock 39, leisure facility in Murcia, Spain. Located in the Southeast of Spain, Murcia is a popular tourist destination and also has a catchment area with a population of 450,000. Visitors from different countries and locals have been drawn to the bright colors and fun times of the most popular attraction: Clip n’ Climb Challenges at Dock 39.

Dock 39 Murcia recently opened their doors in December 2019. For this first year of operations, the 1000m² facility is projecting 26 000 buying visitors. The total investment covers building and attractions expenses. Despite the situation due to COVID-19, the projected turnovers are still satisfying and expected to increase for the upcoming years.

case study


The beginning of a beautiful partnership

Dock 39 Murcia takes pride in offering their customers a variety of activities. They include Clip ‘n Climb (21 lines), trampolining, and their Ninja Warrior circuit. The Spanish multi-activity facility chose to invest in Clip ‘n Climb to stand out from the other facilities in the area. Therefore when picking which Challenges to install, they capitalized on the Challenges’ eyecatching visuals to draw in passing customers:

“When selecting the challenges we took into account three things: the difficulty levels (we always put 3: easy, medium and difficult), visually-striking challenges (incredibly attractive to all kinds of customers – Stairway to Heaven, for example), and maintenance.”

If you are curious about all the locations possible for a Clip ‘n Climb corner, download our Investor Guide to learn more!

Clip ‘n Climb: an opportunity to extend your portfolio

One of the challenges operators faced was the height of the building that is required to install such an attraction. However, the mall saw having a multi-activity facility as such a great opportunity that they did the construction work to join the two floors to have the required height.

“As it is a new activity, when we were preparing the center’s layout we work to make Clip ‘n Climb visible to all customers passing in front of our Dock 39.”

case study


Taking all of these requirements into consideration, Dock 39 ended up choosing 14 different Clip ‘n Climb Challenges. They added several Challenges more than once due to popularity.

What led Dock 39 to choose Clip ‘n Climb for their multi-activity facility? Above all, Clip ‘n Climb’s innovative offer and wide customer base is what really attracted Dock 39 operators.

They can welcome guests of all ages from all walks of life. Dock 39 added that the quality and variety of the Challenges really made Clip ‘n Climb stand out as well.

Clip ‘n Climb center in Murcia was the first to open in the region. Dock 39 manager, Leire,  says it enjoys a novelty effect. You can find the summary

Captivated? Contact us today to see how you can add more to your business or multi-activity facility with Clip ‘n Climb!




DOCK 39: Repartition of activities and projected turnovers


Captivated? Contact us today to see how you can add more to your business or multi-activity facility with Clip ‘n Climb!

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