Looking for an investment worth your time, effort and money? Look no further!

Given that Clip ‘n Climb is such a successful brand in the indoor climbing game, it’s no wonder we do everything we can to continue expanding! By investing in Clip ‘n Climb you can be sure of a fruitful investment, both professionally and financially. Investing in Clip ‘n Climb means drastically reducing the start-up risk as you will be a part of our global family. With our 7-step investment plan the process has never been easier! But you won’t be saddled with all of the responsibility yourself, here at Clip ‘n Climb, we provide assistance throughout the entire process from A – Z, ranging from operational support to marketing support. We are always available for new and existing facility managers, with teams set up for each and every step. Here is a brief introduction to becoming an investor in Clip ‘n Climb!

blankEach building is unique in its structure, this is why Clip ‘n Climb provides the necessary professional guidance to all of our centre managers!

Firstly, our engineers will determine the most appropriate way to fix and install the challenges in your building to meet safety standards, but do not worry if you have building constraints, our experienced Clip ‘n Climb engineers will determine the best options for you and your specific needs. All of our challenges are easily adaptable, which is a key element when it comes to making your project a reality. At Clip ‘n Climb, we go the extra mile to cater to our investors’ needs and constraints. We can even assist you in choosing the right location! Our team of designers will work with you to ensure the best design and layout of your venue for example, to ensure that customer flow is optimised for your visitors.


Managing your project

For each and every Clip ‘n Climb project, there is a dedicated project manager, who will be available to assist in the setting up process. Whether it is a Clip ‘n Climb facility within a shopping centre, sporting centre or a stand-alone Clip ‘n Climb facility, they will advise you on the necessary steps to be taken, for example, site surveys to check floor integrity and fixing points and also to check the feasibility of the building for a Clip ‘n Climb facility.


How does the installation process go?

For the installation of your Clip ‘n Climb facility our designated technicians will be there to support you through the process. They will first issue a Risk & Management Statement; this is a preliminary examination that assesses the risks of the building and set up in order to minimise their impact. They will then install the Challenges and provide the facility manager with a completion pack and a maintenance manual. We also provide all the necessary equipment available to rent. All of our technicians are provided with handovers that describe the project in detail so that the goal is clear to them, therefore allowing them to install a high-quality, safe Clip ‘n Climb facility.


Making sure you can benefit from an international brand awareness with customized tools

Clip ‘n Climb has become the synonymous term for all fun climbing facilities. It is universally accepted as the benchmark for quality and reliability around the world. By investing in Clip ‘n Climb you are investing in an already very successful business model, which means quick financial profitability while also helping people to stay fit, healthy and happy! Now what more could you ask for?
We provide each investor with on-going support throughout the stages of their Clip ‘n Climb experience as well as a dedicated Clip ‘n Climb extranet to connect with other facility managers around the world. This is a private platform for our Clip ‘n Climb operators around the world which includes an e-shop, a forum, a directory, and a files section with downloadable ready to use marketing tools.

Another pro to investing in an already well-established brand is our ready-to-use marketing tools: branded website and booking system, brand guidelines, social media guidelines, social media visuals templates, cards etc., everything you need to start generating revenue!


Do you need experience to become a Clip ‘n Climb facility manager?

Not at all! All that’s required is skill, each Clip ‘n Climb investor is provided with on-site training as well as training for their staff. We want to empower centre owners, managers, and staff to optimise their investment from day one with confidence and we want to make sure that all the safety aspects will be followed.

If you are interested in becoming a Clip ‘n Climb investor but were unsure whether to take the plunge or not because you do not have experience in the field, then let us assure you that this is not a crucial step in our investment process! All the necessary training is provided by us on-site before the opening of your facility. This is a one-week training course for all the staff at the facility.


Your Grand Opening

At this time, you and your staff will be fully ready to open your door and let your visitors enjoy what we like to call the full Clip ‘n Climb experience!


Customer service and inspection for maintenance

Here at Clip ‘n Climb we are like a big family! We value the relationship we have with our customers and your success is our success. The support that we provide to our facility managers goes beyond delivering the centre! Even when your doors are open, we will stay in touch for maintenance and upgrades. All of our products are tested to ensure their safety and to guarantee the safety of our customers. We are a certified Head Rush service centre enabling us to guarantee the highest standards of service and safety on the market for TRUBLUE products.

At Clip ‘n Climb we are doing everything we can to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible for you. After all, your individual success plays a part in the brand’s good image and as a family we look out for one another! What are you waiting for? Get your hands on our Investor Guide for more information about the process and reasons you should invest in Clip ‘n Climb!

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