Over 50 Challenges for all ages and climbing levels

Clip ‘n Climb offers a  very wide range of Challenges ! From climbing the Ladder to our premium Challenges – the Leap Of Faith, Stairway to Heaven and Astroball – Clip ‘n Climb Challenges offer unique and extraordinary experiences! The different shapes, vibrant colours and variety of textures make the Challenges appealing to anyone from 4 years upwards, regardless of climbing level. It is  IMPOSSIBLE TO GET BORED!

Discover all our Challenges below and contact our team to learn more!

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An absolutely stunning and powerful visual attraction.
Twister is not only a centre piece; it is a great climbing challenge, where you can peep round the corners at the other climber.


Speed Climb

This speed Challenge caters to the naturally competitive instincts within us all. Usually set-up in pairs to race your mate to the top, it can also be installed as a single element. LED lighting in corner moulds reinforces the fast-moving action.


Leap of Faith

This adrenalin-pumping challenge is an immensely popular element.
The goal is to climb up the central pole and onto the jump platform, where the participant leaps out to catch hold of the trapeze.


Jungle Gym

This satisfying commando-style Challenge requires strong arms and determination… it’s a tough physical challenge that has proven to be a natural draw card for climbers of all ages. There is a choice of two different routes up to the cargo net and then climbers face the task of grappling their way to the finish.


Face to Face

Race your mate to the top of this very popular element.
This stimulating and highly original climbing Challenge uses commercial gauge clear acrylic.



One of the most sensational challenges, designed to accommodate 3 climbers.
Meet your friends and other climbers on your way to the top and get photographed on this visually appealing and epic Challenge



Ascendor is a dual Challenge with two difficulty levels – on one side the steps are closer to each other and the other further away.

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