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Clip ‘n Climb offers a  very wide range of Challenges ! From climbing the Ladder to our premium Challenges – the Leap Of Faith, Stairway to Heaven and Astroball – Clip ‘n Climb Challenges offer unique and extraordinary experiences! The different shapes, vibrant colours and variety of textures make the Challenges appealing to anyone from 4 years upwards, regardless of climbing level. It is  IMPOSSIBLE TO GET BORED!

Discover all our Challenges below and contact our team to learn more!

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Zigg Zagg

This climb has a snakes-and-ladders look, but involves a series of challenges.
Traversing from left to right and vice versa with vertical sections in between, the climber weaves their way to the top on one of the three routes.



Wearing gloves with a huge Velcro Dot on the palm, climbers press their hands against the special carpet to stay balanced. A Challenge that reflects the need for climbers to transfer their centre of gravity over their lead foot before moving on.



A super interesting organic-looking wall, with the tactile excitement of the triffid shapes.
Enjoy a real ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ moment on this most challenging element.


Tree Trunk

Everyone loves climbing trees… but a square tree trunk? That’s unusual, for sure! This is a beautiful recycled tree, laminated and moisture cured to maintain its good looks.


The Crag

Beautifully sculpted in fibreglass, this element gives climbers an opportunity to climb a natural looking rock face, which feels like a real challenge.
The features provide additional challenges as the climber works up to the overhang at the top.



A great looking element with two distinct and steely Challenges.
On the back wall, climbers need strong arms and good footwork to grapple their way to the top using the red bars. Foot placement like the side challenge is on sloped steel rails. Like the side Challenge, foot placement is on sloped steel rails.


Speed Climb

This speed Challenge caters to the naturally competitive instincts within us all. Usually set-up in pairs to race your mate to the top, it can also be installed as a single element. LED lighting in corner moulds reinforces the fast-moving action.


Spaghetti Junction

An exciting and physical Challenge with short trailing ropes and organic foothold shapes. A great workout on a climb that requires both balance and strength!



This stunning bright and coloured element is an excellent first climb for younger climbers who can go straight up the middle as if they were climbing a ladder.
It’s also a Challenge for fit and flexible adults who can work their way to the top via the most difficult route, using the under-cling handholds.


Red Square

Climbing is all about problem-solving and the solution is not immediately clear with this challenge.
All the hold ‘fronts’ are the same and it is only by careful inspection that the various routes to the top are revealed (by the colour behind the holds).

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