Over 50 Challenges for all ages and climbing levels

Clip ‘n Climb offers a  very wide range of Challenges ! From climbing the Ladder to our premium Challenges – the Leap Of Faith, Stairway to Heaven and Astroball – Clip ‘n Climb Challenges offer unique and extraordinary experiences! The different shapes, vibrant colours and variety of textures make the Challenges appealing to anyone from 4 years upwards, regardless of climbing level. It is  IMPOSSIBLE TO GET BORED!

Discover all our Challenges below and contact our team to learn more!

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Trigg is a visually interesting and simple to climb addition to the range. It’s repeating holds and route is perfect for beginner climbers.


With it’s very consistent hold positions this climb is perfect for beginners OR intermediate climbers who aim to set their own rules.


Koral’s organic design is it’s main point of difference. It’s simple route set is designed to be made more difficult by the distracting nature of it’s panels.


Variations in Illusion’s hold shapes combined with mirrors housed within them create an interesting and more dynamic addition to the Prima range.


Fizzure’s minimal angled holds makes for a more difficult challenge that aims to test the way climbers position themselves while they climb.


Make your own combination from your favourite geometric and colorful background to climb on and these L-shaped holds to create a fun and attractive climbing wall.


These eye-catching red holds on one of the graphical design create an exciting route to the top! Climbers will have to be adventurous and use their capacity to stay stable.


Choose from the 3 striking wall designs your favourite and add these surprising holds to create the perfect combo : a visually and physically stimulating Challenge for beginners and experts to enjoy !


Smiling is contagious! The smiley faces will help you with two different types of holds to find your balance and work your way up to the top. A fun workout to brighten up your day.


An appealing climb with 3 different holds to climb on. Let your stress go away and climb reassured and relaxed on this wall!

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